Hospital radio helps broadcast the message on patient feedback

Many hospital radio stations around the country are taking part in a national promotion to raise awareness of the importance of patient feedback to improve NHS services.

As part of this week’s mini-campaign to put the spotlight on the Friends and Family Test, NHS England has produced a range of audio packages that volunteers on the radio stations can use, ranging from a 30-second “jingle” through to a 15-minute interview package with members of the national FFT programme team.

The Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) – a charity with over 200 individual member broadcasting stations representing thousands of volunteers – has helped the initiative by promoting the campaign to their member stations via their newsletter and website, making the content available for download for use throughout the week.

The interview packages explain how the FFT works as a near real-time feedback tool and give examples of many improvements to NHS services that are being made across England as a result of patient comments.

Patients in many NHS hospitals benefit from programmes designed to make life better for people in treatment and aid their recovery. The HBA provides support, training and guidance to empower volunteers to provide the best service they can.

The Association holds its conference, at which it will publish research on the impact of hospital radio next weekend (18 to 20 March). The event will also see the presentation of the National Hospital Radio Awards.

Find out more about the Friends and Family Test on the NHS Choices website.