Innovative doctors and entrepreneurs get together to kick off first-ever Clinical Entrepreneur training programme

Doctors taking part in the first-ever Clinical Entrepreneur training programme will get together for the first time tonight – and meet with the international entrepreneurs who will mentor them.

Under the training programme, launched by NHS England’s National Medical Director Prof Sir Bruce Keogh at Health and Care Innovation Expo in September 2015, junior doctors whose innovative ideas could bring big improvements to health services are being supported by NHS England and Health Education England to bring their new devices and technology to market. Previously, doctors had little choice but to leave NHS training structures to fully pursue their innovations, but the new programme means they can build supported clinical entrepreneurship into their medical fellowship training.

More than 300 junior doctors expressed interest in the programme following its launch, and following interviews 85 are now being carefully matched with mentors from key partners including Verily, Microsoft, Medtronic, JnJ, McLaren, Janssen, Optum, Olympus, MSD , Leo Pharma and Pitch@Palace. The programme is supported by the Princes Trust.

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