Community pharmacy seasonal influenza vaccination

In advance of the Community pharmacy seasonal influenza vaccination advanced service re-commencing on 1st September 2016 NHS England is today releasing the service specification and accompanying Patient Group Direction (PGD)  for use by pharmacy contractors who wish to take part in this service. This will enable individual pharmacists to finalise completion of the Declaration of Competence if they don’t currently have a valid declaration in place.

NHS England has for 2016/17 enabled digital submission and collation of completed patient questionnaires and pharmacy contractors can find the relevant information (including help guides).


  1. Claire Nevinson says:

    I would like some clarification on the change to the PGD this year relating to vaccinating patients who have a bleeding disorder or taking oral anticoagulants.

    Is the intent of the PGD that patients who are “therapeutically controlled” on warfarin should be vaccinated intramuscularly or can be? What guidance is there for those taking a DOAC?

    If a pharmacist was to vaccinate a warfarin patient subcutaneously on the basis that there would be less risk of bleeding, having been trained this technique, would this be outwith the PGD or would this be acceptable? I am concerned as to how a pharmacist can assess each patient as controlled and how this is defined. Many thanks

  2. Sylvia bailey says:

    More info please on patient group direction.

    Sylvuab Bailey
    Chair. Northgate Patient Group.