Practical guide for large scale change launched

NHS England has launched a refreshed guide to support health and care leaders to deliver large scale change.

The guide will help them meet the challenges set out in the Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View published earlier this year.

NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement team and the Horizons team have refreshed and updated a 2011 publication, Leading Large Scale Change: A Practical Guide, to reflect today’s unique health and care landscape and challenges.

The refreshed guide was launched Monday 11 September at the Health and Care Innovation Expo at Manchester Central.

To underpin the launch of the guide, the teams will be offering a ‘Facilitating Large Scale Change’ skills development programme, featuring a webinar series, masterclasses and consultation surgeries.

The guide provides a vital and comprehensive round-up of all the latest thinking and practical approaches and tools that can be used in advancing large scale change programmes, including:

 Updates on the leading models that will enable leaders to address the challenges in achieving large scale change.

  • The latest thinking from national and global improvement experts and change leaders.
  • New tools, techniques and tips to help leaders effectively progress large scale change programmes.
  • Evidence-based insights and learning that will help leaders and change agents in healthcare.
  • Thought-provoking content that will help leaders successfully take forward their STP, vanguard, new care model, accountable care system or other large scale change programme.
  • Signposting to a host of new online resources including videos, presentations and digital media links.

Professor Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, said: “This is very useful and timely and gives the knowledge and expertise required to mobilise and implement the changes set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

“This common-sense, easy-to-read guide will be helpful to system leaders in trying to bring about the sustainable, large scale change that everyone can and is willing to contribute to. I wholeheartedly commend it and would encourage people to use it.”

Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons team, NHS England, said: “We are very excited to launch this new guide, which we have developed in collaboration with system leaders across the country, including a number of STP leaders. We feel it brings together in one place a fantastic series of resources that will help leaders meet the unique and complex challenges – both today and in the future.

“We are also launching a social media campaign to support the guide and encourage discussion and debate on the subject of large scale change. I encourage everyone to take part on Twitter using #LargeScaleChange.”

Download the interactive PDF and executive summary and to read more about the supporting offer.

‘Mini-theatre’ session

Lynne Winstanley and Helen Bevan presented the guide in a mini-theatre session on the NHS England stand on Tuesday 12 September.