Transfer of Strategic Executive Information System (StEIS)

From 5 March 2018 the hosting of StEIS, our system used to report and monitor the progress of Serious Incident investigations across the NHS, will transfer from Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) IT systems to a new platform hosted by us. We outline what those changes mean to StEIS users.


As part of DHSC’s digital transformation programme, all current Lotus Notes applications hosted by the department are being discontinued. This includes the hosting of the StEIS system, which is therefore being transferred to us in March 2018.

When will the transition happen?

The transition will begin on Thursday 1 March from 5.30pm, as outlined below.

Modules will become ‘read only’ to support the transition of the system to its new platform. Any information you are not able to add to the system during the transfer period should be added when functionality for the relevant module is restored as set out below.

StEIS module Transition start date and time NB: the system will be read only during this time Restoration on new platform
Module 1 Thursday 1 March 5.30pm onwards Module will remain ‘read only’
Module 2 Thursday 1 March 5.30pm onwards Tuesday 6 March (exact time tbc)
Module 3 Thursday 1 March 5.30pm onwards Monday 5 March (exact time tbc)

What does the transfer mean for StEIS users?

All users of StEIS will be able to access the system through their existing accounts (usernames and passwords will remain unchanged) but the web link to access the system will change to a new address for StEIS.

Once the transfer is complete, anyone trying to access StEIS through the previous DHSC web address will be redirected for a limited period of time. We recommend anywhere the previous DHSC web address for StEIS has been bookmarked on your systems is changed to the new NHS Improvement address as soon as possible after 5 March 2018.

NB: some organisations currently have two separate accounts: ‘read only’ and ‘read/write’. From 5 March 2018 organisations must log in via their ‘read/write’ accounts where this is available.

StEIS support is also moving, instead of contacting the SUI helpdesk, users will need to email us on

Will there be any changes to the way the system works?

StEIS will operate from an internet facing platform but as this is a lift and shift of the existing system, users should not notice any significant changes to the way the system looks or functions.

All incidents within StEIS module 1 (closed for reporting in April 2013) will however become ‘read-only’, and there may be some additional security improvements such as automated system locking when the system is not in use.

Roles and responsibilities in relation to maintaining StEIS at a local and regional level remain unchanged, for example, managing access and updating the system.

How does this link with the development of the new Patient Safety Incident Management System?

The development of a new Patient Safety Incident Management System is a significant programme of work that we are leading on to redevelop existing systems that collect information about patient safety incidents across the NHS.

This will include the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) and StEIS. Once the new system is available, StEIS and the NRLS will be decommissioned.

Work to introduce this new reporting system is expected to start in 2019. Further information is available from The future of the patient safety incident reporting: upgrading the NRLS.

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