Pre-election guidance for the 2019 General Election

This pre-election guidance will help organisations make all staff aware of the implications on communications activities of the period prior to the 2019 general election. This guidance takes effect from 00:01 hours, Wednesday 6 November 2019, until Friday 13 December 2019 or the date at which a new government is formed.

During this time, specific restrictions are placed on the use of public resources and the communication activities of public bodies, civil servants and local government officials. The pre-election period is designed to avoid the actions of public bodies distracting from or having influence on election campaigns

The principles underpinning the guidance are that:

  • the day to day operations of the NHS must continue unimpeded;
  • as always, the NHS must act and be seen to act with political impartiality, and its
  • resources must not be used for party political purposes; and
  • during the election period, democratic debate between candidates and parties should
  • not be overshadowed by public controversy originating from NHS bodies themselves.