NHS England publishes data on latest junior doctors strike

Data on the latest junior doctors strike are here:  NHS England » Potential industrial action in the NHS

In summary, over five days there were 101,977 cancellations of acute inpatient and outpatient appointments . At the peak of the action, there were 20,342 staff not at work due to industrial action. In the previous action by junior doctors over three days there were 106,120 cancellations. The cumulative total of acute inpatient and outpatient appointments cancelled in eight months of industrial action now stands at 698,813.

NHS national medical director Professor Sir Stephen Powis said: “These figures show the huge ongoing impact of industrial action for patients and their families, and the scale of disruption is likely to be even greater, with many services avoiding scheduling appointments for strike days.

“We are fast approaching three quarters of a million appointments rescheduled in the last eight months due to strikes, we are continuing to see a massive cumulative impact on NHS services and our hard-working staff as they do all they can to maintain safe patient services while tackling a record backlog.”

“Ahead of strikes tomorrow, people should continue to use 999 for life-threatening situations, and for everything else, use 111 online or community services such as GPs or pharmacies.”