Synnovis cyber attack – statement from NHS England

NHS England continues to work with Synnovis and the National Crime Agency to respond to the criminal ransomware attack on Synnovis systems.

Synnovis has now confirmed through an initial analysis that the data published by a cyber crime group has been stolen from some of their systems.

We understand people may be concerned by this, and Synnovis are working at pace to carry out the further analysis required to understand the full scale and nature of the data released and patients impacted.

At present, Synnovis has confirmed there is no evidence the cyber criminals have published a copy of the database (Laboratory Information Management System) where patient test requests and results are stored, although their investigations are ongoing.

As more detail becomes available through Synnovis’ full investigation, the NHS will continue to provide updates and a helpline has been set up to support people impacted (incident helpline: 0345 8778967).

Investigations of this type are complex and can take time. Given the complexity of the investigation it may be some weeks before it is clear which individuals have been impacted.

Local health systems will continue to work together to manage the impact on patients with additional resources put in to ensure urgent blood samples can still be processed, while laboratories are now able to see historic patient records.

Patients should continue to attend their appointments unless they have been told otherwise and should access urgent care as they usually would.