2019/20 AAC impact figures

In our first year in our expanded role we saw some of the greatest challenges the NHS has faced in its 72-year history, yet we delivered some incredible achievements.

AAC Scorecard

In 2019/20 our programmes have:

  • provided more than 700,000 patients with access to proven health and care innovations
  • helped over 2,500 innovators, including 477 health professionals as part of the Clinical Entrepreneur training programme
  • delivered patient benefits – an estimated 12,000 fewer hospital admissions and 125,000 fewer days spent in hospital
  • saved the NHS more than £50 million.

At the same time we have made a significant contribution to wider economic growth, with our programmes attracting over £450 million of investment and creating or safeguarding over 1,500 jobs.

Further information

The AAC’s Our Year in focus 2019/20 report provides further details on our achievements.

The AAC Scorecard monitors the impact of the AAC – it includes a range of measures that can be substantially and directly affected by AAC programmes, as well as a complementary view of the wider innovation landscape. If you would like to find out more about the AAC Scorecard please contact england.irlsanalytics@nhs.net