2020/21 AAC impact figures

In our second year in our expanded role  we have continued to deliver some incredible achievements against the backdrop of an ongoing pandemic and considerable pressures across the health service.

AAC Scorecard home page showing: • 3,474 innovators are being worked with • 3,722 innovations are receiving support (3,700 early stage, 22 late stage) • Estimated patient benefits include 17,328 fewer admissions to hospital and 142,339 fewer days spent in hospital • 327,836 patients accessing our innovations (37% of eligible patients) • 762 sites accessing our innovations (57% of eligible sites) • £119m of in-year savings to the health system • £251.1m of investment secured • 1,417 jobs created or safeguarded (763 created, 597 safeguarded)

In 2021/22 our programmes have:

  • provided more than 320,000 patients with access to proven health and care innovations
  • helped over 3,400 innovators, including 675 health professionals as part of the Clinical Entrepreneur training programme
  • supported over 3,700 innovations
  • delivered patient benefits – an estimated 17,000 fewer hospital admissions and 140,000 fewer days spent in hospital
  • achieved significant savings for the NHS that are estimated to exceed £100m.

At the same time we have made a significant contribution to wider economic growth, with our programmes attracting over £250 million of investment and creating or safeguarding over 1,400 jobs.

Further information

The AAC Scorecard monitors the impact of the AAC – it includes a range of measures that can be substantially and directly affected by AAC programmes, as well as a complimentary view of the wider innovation landscape. If you would like to find out more about the AAC Scorecard please contact england.irlsanalytics@nhs.net.