Clinical leadership – a framework for action

Professionally diverse leadership teams including senior clinicians at board level increase the likelihood of meeting the complex challenges facing the NHS. We have created a framework to help providers make the most of the talents of all their existing workforce.

The NHS Long Term Plan highlights the importance of visible senior clinical leadership in enabling and assuring the delivery of high quality care both within organisations and in the new system architecture.

The guide looks at how existing structures and expectations may stand in the way of allied health professionals, doctors, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, healthcare scientists and social workers contributing to strategic leadership.

  • Clinical leadership – framework: This guide provides a framework for action, to help leaders working on clinical leadership gain new perspectives on what might be standing in the way of progress, sets out legal and policy considerations, and poses key questions for senior leaders trying to increase the involvement of clinicians. It includes vignettes that show how people are already tackling some common barriers.
  • Clinical leadership – case studies: This compendium of case studies illustrates the range of experiences clinicians – from physiotherapist to GP to consultant clinical scientist – have had in their journeys to senior leadership roles.