Extending the Congenital Heart Disease consultation

In the past few weeks of consultation we have attended many events across the country to discuss the proposals with patients and families, clinicians, managers, local politicians and other stakeholders.

At our consultation events we have been responding to questions and some have come up several times so I’m taking the opportunity to make available the answers to everyone.

The calling of a general election means that NHS England, as a public institution, entered the pre-election period on midnight of Friday 21 April. This means that, in line with the requirements of Cabinet Office guidance for the public bodies, while the consultation will continue and the materials will remain upon the NHS England website and responses will still be received, NHS England will not hold any events or attend meetings before the election has been completed.

This means that the events that were planned between the 6 May and 25 May will not now be happening.  The events that had been scheduled to take place will be reorganised for after 8 June.

We are contacting organisations and venues to rearrange suitable dates soon after the election.

The event details will be posted on the consultation web pages as soon as they are arranged.

We will be extending the consultation until the 17 July, so that we can reorganise these events and enable responses to be made after these events.

Image of Will Huxter

Will Huxter is Regional Director of Specialised Commissioning (London) at NHS England and currently chair of the NHS England Gender Task & Finish Group.

Prior to joining NHS England in June 2014, Will worked in a range of commissioning roles within the NHS, and for five years at an NHS Trust.

He has also spent eight years working in the voluntary sector.