It’s all about building relationships

To mark Learning Disability Week, the Learning Disability Employment team updates on their time at the NHS Confederation Conference, as well as the launch of an interactive pledge map marking where employers vow to make their workforces more inclusive:

This year’s theme for Learning Disability Week is relationships.

Employment is a really important way in which people form relationships, providing an opportunity for friendships, socialisation and lifelong connections.

This is one of the many reasons we’re committed to encouraging NHS organisations to join more than 80 other organisations who have already said ‘Yes’ to employing more people with learning disabilities.

To help spread the word, this month we attended the NHS Confederation Conference to promote the tools and resources available for organisations in recruiting and employing people with learning disabilities.

The conference is an annual event that attracts more than 2,000 health and social care leaders, and provided a great opportunity to champion existing best practice and encourage more organisations to pledge.

We received a great response, with lots of NHS trusts and clinical commissioning groups committing to join the many NHS organisations already employing people with learning disabilities.

At the conference we also introduced our new interactive map which pinpoints the organisations who have pledged their commitment to employing people with learning disabilities.

It’s a great resource to use to find neighbouring organisations who may already be employing people with learning disabilities, and who you may be able to learn from.

During Learning Disability Week we’re asking NHS organisations across the country to join their colleagues in signing the pledge, saying ‘Yes’ to employing people with learning disabilities, and taking the first step to allowing their organisation to benefit from a diverse workforce.

  • Sign up to the first stage of our three step pledge.
  • If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the comprehensive tools and guidance available to support NHS organisations, you can find more information on the NHS Employers website.
  • You can also reach the team by emailing:
Tyler O’Sullivan

Tyler O’Sullivan is a Strategy analyst within the Strategy Group at NHS England, leading work on the Learning Disability Employment programme.