Showing disabled children that anything is possible

In the latest of a series of blogs we are running to mark Volunteers’ Week, Jacqui Adeniji-Williams talks about her work with Whizz-Kidz:

My role as a Whizz-Kidz volunteer is to help when help is needed and to show the young people I support that anything is possible!

I chose to get involved in volunteering at Whizz-Kidz because the work they do is AMAZING and they have given me so much.

Whizz-Kidz have supported me for years; from provision of my first wheelchair to supporting me to become a lead volunteer, co-delivering services ranging from youth clubs to wheelchair skills training.

Volunteering at Camp Whizz-Kidz – a four day residential camp for young wheelchair users – was my highlight because I felt like I made a real impact on the young people – they can relate to me and I understand certain moments in their lives that they might be going through.

I’m just myself and I hope it inspires them to be the same.

Thank you Whizz-Kidz for giving me the opportunity to support other young people.

Being a part of Whizz-Kidz has provided me with the confidence to take control of issues relating to my wheelchair; I’m no longer afraid to say when my chair isn’t working for me. I’m more assertive about saying this is what I want and need which has meant that I get the healthcare that’s right for me.

What Whizz-Kidz says about Jacqui…

George Fielding, Chair of the Kidz Board, says: Jacqui has the most amazing energy and always has a smile on her face.

I have learnt a lot from her. She is a perfect role model, giving young people confirmation that ‘whatever a normal life is, you can have it’, and that’s what most of our young people want; to work, to play a role in society that matters.

I hope she can stay involved for as long as possible.

Holly Rollit-Mason, Whizz-Kidz Camp Co-ordinator, says: “Jacqui is a brilliant young mentor at Camp. She uses her own initiative at all times and thrives on coaching the young people using her own life experiences of being a wheelchair user. Jacqui is an inspiration, not only to the young people but to the staff as well.”

Jacqui Adeniji-Williams first received a piece of equipment from Whizz-Kidz when she was seven years old – ‘a purple sparkly manual chair’. Jacqui has been involved ever since and as she has got older decided to give something back and take on a volunteering role. In doing so, she has gone on to inspire, support and bring fun to the lives of many disabled children and young people.

Jacqui volunteers at her local Ambassador Club, takes part in local and national campaigns and acts as a mentor to young people at Whizz-Kidz Camps.