Commissioning, provision and accountability

The NHS is a large and complex organisation. To see the change and improvement we all want, it is essential that we empower local leadership, and make sure our commissioning, provision and accountability processes are fit for purpose. People affected by cancer and clinical leaders across the country will be in the driving seat for improving quality.

Improving cancer survival, earlier diagnosis and long-term quality of life need action in primary, secondary, tertiary care and beyond.

We will support strong local leadership and the robust use of data across cancer pathways to support improvement and innovation from the ground up.

Our priorities for 2016/2017 are:

  • We have launched an integrated Cancer Dashboard. By the end of the year, we will have added increased functionality to the Dashboard, including the ability to cut the data by Cancer Alliance area.
  • From September 2016, we will begin to roll out a national system of Cancer Alliances.
  • Over the coming year, we will support the national Cancer Vanguard to prepare to pilot delegated financial responsibilities for providing whole-pathway services for cancer patients from April 2017. The Cancer Vanguard web page has more details.
  • The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will confirm their approach to inspecting cancer services by March 2017, with a view to rolling out inspections from 2017/18, and will work with other Arms Length Bodies (ALBs) to develop a single, shared view of quality that will meet the requirements of all the ALBs and be of assistance to providers in their own internal quality assessments by March 2017.
  • By autumn 2016, the National Cancer Registration and Analytical Service will outline its framework and work programme for supporting the NHS and other partners to achieve the ambitions set out by the Cancer Taskforce through a central focus on world-class data, intelligence, and analysis. Public Health England (PHE) will complete its project on health economics in colorectal cancer care and will share learning with commissioners.

For more details, please see Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes: Taking the strategy forward.