Patient and Public Voice Assurance Group

Who are the Patient and Public Voice Assurance Group?

The Patient and Public Voice Assurance Group (PPV AG) works to offer strategic assurance to NHS England that effective mechanisms are in place to fully involve patients and the wider public in the development of the national specialised services portfolio.

The objectives of the PPV AG are:

  • To deliver a strategic, ‘critical friend’ function across specialised services governance, in respect of patient and public voice
  • To maintain oversight of the successful implementation of models for patient and public voice and participation, including the development of assurance processes
  • To contribute to the improvement of services and patient experience in respect of specialised services
  • To act as a forum for a range of organisations representing patients of specialised services

Chair and membership

Independent Chair – Jason Stamp
Independent Member – David Winskill
Independent Member – Judy Carrick
Independent Member – Dorothy Whitaker
Independent Member – Farida Anderson
Independent Member – Ruby Bhatti OBE
Independent Member – Sandra Crompton

Independent Chair Armed Forces Public Patient Participation Involvement Group – Nicky Murdoch
Individual Funding Requests Panel representative – Julia Cons
Clinical Priorities Advisory Group representative – Kerr Wilson
Rare Diseases Advisory Group representative – Rob Graham
Blood and Infection Programme of Care – Gillian Adams
Cancer Programme of Care – Colin Roberts
Trauma Programme of Care – Jayne Hidderley
Internal Medicine Programme of Care –  Ian Gall
Mental health Programme of Care – Ian Callaghan
Women and Children Programme of Care – Nicki Burnett
Gender Identity Programme Board – Fred Turtle
Genomics Programme Board – Nick Meade

In regular attendance – not voting members

Deputy Director of Communications, National Commissioning – Patrick Leahy
Senior Engagement Manager, Specialised Commissioning – Keri Lewis
Engagement Manager, Specialised Commissioning – Aarti Gandesha
Engagement Manager, Specialised Commissioning – Matthew Miles

Key documents