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Standard operating procedure: Roving and mobile models

This standard operating procedure describes how to operate roving and mobile vaccination models. These models enable the administration of COVID-19 vaccines at identified locations outside of vaccination ‘base’ sites – vaccination centres, hospital hubs, primary care network-led sites and community pharmacies.

The aim of roving and mobile models is to improve access and maximise vaccine uptake in communities or among groups where uptake is low.

Updated standard operating procedure (SOP) to support restoration of general practice services

Contents Annex A   Publications approval reference: B0497 An electronic copy of this letter, and all other relevant guidance from NHS England and NHS Improvement can be found here: 13 May 2021 Dear colleagues Guidance on the phased easing of Covid-19 restrictions continues to be issued by government, in line with the Coronavirus roadmap […]

Standard operating procedure: Management of COVID-19 vaccination clinical incidents and enquiries

Contents Glossary Purpose Responsibilities Procedure Appendix 1: Clinical case escalation framework Appendix 2: Telephone advice log proforma Appendix 3: Adverse event reporting poster ​ Official Version 3, 26 February 2021 Publications approval reference: C1156 Glossary CARS: Clinical Advice and Response Service (Part of Screening and Immunisation Teams) CRG: Clinical Reference Group EPRR: Emergency Preparedness Resilience […]

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) standard operating procedure: testing for inpatients

The aim of this standard operating procedure is to provide testing, as required by a clinically led risk-based approach, to inpatients, using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and lateral flow devices (LFDs) from 1 April 2022. This will reduce the risk of nosocomial transmission and allow for action to be taken to isolate COVID-19 positive inpatients.

Critical care services

NHS England publishes detailed plans to meet increases in demand for critical care services NHS England has published detailed plans setting out how it will coordinate a strategic response to increasing demand and capacity pressures in critical care during the winter months, and in the event of a pandemic. The publication of a set of […]