The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme supports adults living with obesity who also have a diagnosis of diabetes or hypertension or both, to manage their weight and improve their health.  

The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme is a 12-week online behavioural and lifestyle programme. People can access it via a smartphone or computer with internet access. 

If you work in a General Practice:

The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme is freely available to refer into now from all General Practices 

To make a referral via e-referral (e-RS), you will need the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme referral templates. These templates are available for all three GP IT systems and do not need to be printed and re-scanned in. Please use the templates electronically only.

You will find all the materials (clinical templates for IT systems, instructions on how to identify the programme in the e-referral system and guidance for practice staff and patients) available to download from the Digital Weight Management GP template site  (you’ll need your practice ODS code for access).

If your General Practice uses Ardens Healthcare, the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme e-referral templates have been uploaded on your EMIS and SystmOne IT systems and are ready to use.

You can also access the General Practice toolkit for more information as well as a patient leaflet and poster which you can distribute as appropriate.

If you are a member of the public:

If you are living with obesity and  also have diabetes or high blood pressure, or both, you could benefit from the 12-week NHS Digital Weight Management Programme. You can access the programme through referral from your GP practice. 

It can be hard to keep healthy and active, but the free NHS Digital Weight Management Programme can help you develop healthier eating habits, be more active and lose weight. The programme is available on your smartphone, tablet or computer.     

You can read more about the programme in our leaflet.

Speak to your  GP Practice today to find out how the programme could benefit you. If you do not have diabetes or high blood pressure, you may still benefit from the NHS Better Health programme.

Why is this programme important?

Obesity is a serious health concern which increases the risk of many other health conditions. For example, Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems, mental health problems, and some cancers. There is also evidence to suggest that people living with obesity are at higher risk of more severe outcomes associated with COVID-19.

The programme offers three different levels of support, including human coaching for groups who may be less likely to complete behavioural and lifestyle change programmes, with the aim of reducing health inequalities. This includes those of younger (working) age, people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, men, and people living in more deprived communities. 

The online programme provides an alternative way of accessing weight management support. In the context of COVID-19, it means people can complete it whilst social distancing is in place.

Who can access the programme?

The programme offers free, online access to weight management services for those who have a BMI greater than 30 and who also have diabetes or high blood pressure, or both. The BMI threshold will be lower at 27.5 for people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, as we know people from these ethnic backgrounds are at an increased risk of conditions such as Type 2 diabetes at a lower BMI.  

The programme is only available to people with a smartphone or computer with internet access.

Local Authority’s may offer weight management services that may be more appropriate if the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme is not suitable.

Contact us

If you are a participant on the programme and have a query, please contact your GP practice. NHS England and NHS Improvement will not be able to refer you to the programme or answer individual questions about suitability. 

If you have any other general questions about the programme, please email: