NHS Federated Data Platform and Associated services

The NHS ran an independent procurement exercise, done by the NHS, for the NHS, to procure a federated data platform. The choice of preferred supplier was not made by a single person, it was the result of assessment by many different individuals.

A consortium led by Palantir, which include Accenture, PWC, Carnall Farrar and NECS, was awarded the contract to deliver the NHS Federated Data Platform in November 2023.

The contract is valued at £330m for over a seven year period and this will provide funding for up to 240 NHS organisations (trusts and integrated care systems).

Associated procurement activity

Data Platform Transition Contract

On 20 June 2023, NHS England published a new 12 month contract to support the successful transition from the current Palantir Foundry platform to the new Federated Data Platform and Associate Services (FDP-AS) supplier. This is to provide the safe and smooth transition and exit service of critical products that were developed to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic (for Covid-19 and elective recovery purposes), to alternative provisions including the transition of products to the new FDP-AS supplier following completion of the procurement process and contract award.

This contract references the future Federated Data Platform and Associated Services (FDP-AS) contract for context, however it should be noted it is a separate contract and procurement process.

NHS Privacy Enhancing Technology (NHS-PET)

NHS England is committed to keeping patient information safe and being transparent about how it is used. NHS Privacy Enhancing Technology (NHS-PET) will provide robust protection and deliver a standard approach to support safe data access and use. The first use of the new NHS-PET will be for the Federated Data Platform Programme (FDP).

NHS-PET is a standalone service and will be used across various NHS data.

The NHS Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) contract was awarded to IQVIA in November 2023.