Elective Care Transformation Programme

The NHS is experiencing significant pressure and unprecedented levels of demand.

Around 1.5 million patients are referred for elective consultant-led treatment each month.

Referrals have been rising annually by an average of 4% per year. Since 2005/6 total outpatient appointments have nearly doubled from 60.6m to 118.6m.

The NHS needs to manage this demand effectively to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients and the most efficient use of resources. The Elective Care Transformation Programme is supporting local clinicians and commissioners to change how patients are referred into services.

The approaches and interventions we are developing and testing with clinicians will also ensure patients see the right person in the right place, first time. Our work will help clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) deliver their plans to manage the rise in referrals.

This will help local NHS commissioners and providers meet the national priority that at least 92% of patients on non-emergency pathways wait no more than 18 weeks from referral to treatment. Some 418,000 patients were waiting longer than the 18 week standard for hospital treatment in September 2017 – a 20% increase on the previous year. The steady rise in referrals has contributed to that increase.

You can contact us by emailing England.electivecare@nhs.net.

Double elective care webinar session on Wednesday 21 February

The team will be hosting two one hour webinars on Wednesday linked to our handbooks on transforming elective care in MSK/orthopaedics and gastroenterology.

At 11am there will be a second chance to take part in a webinar introducing the work of the programme and the handbooks in particular.

At 1pm the team will be guiding you through what the handbooks have to say on improving referral decisions in elective care in these two high volume specialties.

View joining details.

The Elective Care Transformation Team

The Elective Care Transformation Programme Team is working in partnership with NHS organisations and other partners to redesign patient pathways for non-emergency care and testing out interventions designed by local clinicians and commissioners.

They are developing tools and guidance that will support GPs and other health professionals in managing their patients, so they see the right person in the right place, first time.

The programme is focussing on three areas:

  • Specialty Based Transformation
  • High Impact Interventions
  • Diversion of referrals.

Wave 3 of elective care challenge is underway

We’re underway in Wave 3 of a 100 Day Challenge aimed at improving elective care referrals, outpatient arrangements and shared decision-making.

Doncaster & Bassetlaw and Somerset have held their local launch events while Dudley and West Suffolk launch on Thursday and Friday respectively.

The four sites are selecting interventions that can help improve elective care in urology, ENT and cardiology.

The Wave 3 100 Day Challenge period ends in April and we’ll publish handbooks and case studies during the summer.

Meanwhile, clinicians and managers in local health and care systems in Stockport, central Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Dorset are around one month into the Wave 2 100 Day Challenge.

They are testing out interventions in elective care services for diabetes, dermatology and ophthalmology.

Outlines of the interventions tested and very early results and lessons will be published in handbooks for each specialty in mid-late May.

See the Wave 1 handbooks about MSK/orthopaedics and gastroenterology.

Webinars will explore how to transform MSK and gastroenterology elective care

The Elective Care Transformation Programme is holding four lunchtime webinars to guide commissioners and providers through its handbooks and case studies setting out new approaches in MSK/orthopaedics and gastroenterology.

They will feature learning from the 100 Day Challenge process undertaken by three local health systems in the two specialties. The three local health systems tested interventions aimed at improving elective care referrals and outpatient arrangements and boosting self-management and shared decision-making in MSK/orthopaedics and gastroenterology.

  • 14 February 1pm Introduction to the handbooks and specialty based transformation in elective care
  • 21 February 1pm Rethinking referrals in MSK and Gastroenterology Elective Care
  • 28 February 1pm Shared decision making and self-management in MSK and Gastroenterology in Elective Care
  • 7 March 1pm Transforming Outpatients in MSK and Gastroenterology Elective Care.

Dial-in details are available on our webinar page here.