Personalised Medicine

Sponsored by Merck

NHS Expo 08/09/16The aim of the Personalised Medicine Zone was to share information about personalised medicine, showing how collaboration between NHS England, Genomics England, the wider NHS and partners across industry and academia is already leading to life-changing benefits for patients and their families. The intention was to promote awareness and understanding of the four key principles of personalised medicine:

  • predicting and preventing disease;
  • giving more precise diagnosis;
  • delivering targeted and personalised treatment; and,
  • facilitating a fully participatory role for patients.

The zone was sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Merck, who had a number of promotional materials on display in the zone and used the zone as a place to network and engage with stakeholders and the public.

NHS Expo 2016. Day One. Wed 7th Sept 2016. © NHS England. Photography by, Victor De Jesus. Mobile: 07931 401268 Email: mail@victordejesus.comThe zone included a small, informal, speaking area which hosted short talks and discussions throughout the event. Vivienne Parry chaired most of the sessions. Speakers included Chief Scientific officer for NHS England Prof Sue Hill  and NHs Chair of Pharmacogenetic Prof Sir Munir Pirmohamed.

Prof Sue Hill and Prof Sir Munir Pirmohamed were also filmed talking directly to camera about personalised medicine and the videos have been placed on the NHS England YouTube channel.

Epistem, a Contract Research Services company with facilities in Manchester, demonstrated their product ‘Genedrive’, a molecular diagnostic system which has been developed as an affordable next generation genotyping and sequence analysis device, providing rapid detection in approximately 45-75 minutes depending on the test. We also showed animations from genetube, which was a joint enterprise by the Wellcome Institute and Genomics England to create a series of simple, easy-to-understand videos on genomics.

Further videos shown on the zone are available on the NHS England YouTube channel. These videos were interspersed with other videos showing members of the public and clinical staff.

On the morning of the second day the zone had a scheduled visit by Public Health Minister (and minister with responsibility for genomics) Nicola Blackwood. She was escorted round the zone by Sue Hill and Vivienne Parry and watched the Genomics England video on delivering results in the 100,000 Genomes Project. Other notable visitors included Lord Prior, who met the General Manager of Merck in the zone.

Expo 2016 – It’s personal

A tale of Expo and NHS England’s Personalised Medicine zone