Good practice – engaging with young people

Young People’s Participation in Health and Care

GP Champions

The GP Champions Toolkit for Primary Care summarises work by The Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH) to support young people’s involvement in commissioning. This involved collaboration between GPs and a voluntary youth sector partner, with young people, in 10 pilot sites.

In the Liverpool pilot site the CCG funded a new drop-in service, and in South London, the LeSoCo college of further education provided resources for weekly pop-up GP clinics on its three sites. Both of these have been sustainable and are still running.  The toolkit has been endorsed by the Royal College of GPs.

Further information about the work and a link to the toolkit, project summary and other resources can be found on the AYPH website.

Croydon Drop-in

AYPH has also supported a group of young people from Croydon Drop-In to host an interactive community event about primary care. The young people who attended put forward ideas for improving primary care, which were then developed into a short report in the form of a prescription pad.

Information about AYPH’s work around young people and health can be found on Twitter #yphealthlondon

The Empathy Project

Launched in October 2017, The Empathy Project has enabled young people in Hertfordshire to take part in an innovative project, acting as community navigators, able to administer social prescriptions and give emotional support to other young people attending A&E.

This initiative, set up and run by YC Hertfordshire in collaboration with the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust and East and North Herts NHS Trust, has just finished its pilot stage.

This is a timely and innovative peer-to-peer befriending and social prescription scheme.

The enormous success of the project to date has been underpinned by the contribution of Youth Workers who have specialist skills and experience in developing young people, and extensive knowledge of local services. Strong leadership and co-production (with hospital staff and volunteers) of key aspects of design and implementation have helped to build a strong sense of shared ownership.

Over 70 volunteers aged 16 to 21, have now applied to be Empathy Project Volunteers but their goal is to ensure they have 70 active volunteers in each A&E unit in Herts and a further 70 working across four community projects across the county. More information can be found on the YC Hertfordshire website.