Procurement changes – online consultation and video consultation

In April 2021 the current two routes for procuring online consultation in primary care (the DPS for online consultation and GP IT Futures framework e-consultation capability) were brought together into a single new framework under the Digital Care Services (DCS) Catalogue. The new framework – the Digital first online consultation and video consultation framework – will support a harmonised set of requirements and standards; resulting in greater consistency across digital solutions as well as improved clarity on the product(s) being offered by different suppliers. The framework will also support greater integration between GP clinical systems and online consultation and video consultation systems.

For the latest list of suppliers, see the DFOCVC page of NHS Digital’s digital care services catalogue. Any new suppliers on the framework will be added to the catalogue each Thursday.

For questions relating to the procurement of online and video consultation systems or the new procurement arrangements, please contact the NHS England commercial and procurement hub

The National commercial and procurement hub offers expert procurement advice and support for procurement competitions at no cost to commissioners and can support all customers to buy products through the DCS catalogue.