The National Commercial and Procurement Hub offer expert procurement advice and support for procurement competitions at no cost to commissioners and have created a service specification to support the procurement of an online consultation solution. Suppliers go through a first stage of due diligence to confirm that they meet minimum standards. The approved supplier list is used in a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) providing for:

  • Relevant functionality
  • Meeting all appropriate standards (including information governance and cybersecurity)
  • Organisational capacity to meet demand
  • Financial stability standards

Under the DPS, a mini-competition is mandatory and must be run electronically; there are no provisions for the direct award of contracts or to restrict the bidding pool. At this point a second stage of due diligence is completed. CCGs/STPs must report any contracts awarded under the DPS to the Hub, in order to satisfy legal obligations on publishing contract award notices.

For questions relating to the procurement of an online consultations system, please email The Procurement Hub at