Public and staff opinions

NHS staff and the public support the Greener NHS’s work to reduce carbon and minimise the environmental impact of health care.

Public attitudes

Research shows that 92% of the general public believe it is important for the health system to work in a more sustainable way. Over a third of people agreed, even if it cost more money, and a quarter felt it should be a top priority. The research report is available below.

Staff survey

NHS staff overwhelmingly back action. A YouGov survey, conducted in August 2021, found that 87% of NHS staff supported the NHS Net Zero ambition. The findings of this research, which surveyed the views of 2,500 NHS staff, will be published in later this year.

Past research has shown that almost all staff asked believed that it is important for the health and care system to support the environment.

The survey looked at areas including attitudes, support for action and behaviours in and out of work. The staff survey report is available below.

GP and patient