Being a Care Maker creates a number of personal and organisational benefits, these are outlined below:


  • Build capacity and capability within the system through learning and development opportunities.
  • Help transform care for individuals and service users.
  • Build personal and professional confidence in practice.
  • Developing skills to support the identification and reduction of unwarranted variation in practice.
  • Access to regional and national events.
  • Networking opportunities – a chance to be part of a large network of like-minded people.

Benefits to workplace

  • Demonstrates commitment to continued service improvement.
  • Help in the delivery of high quality patient focused care based on the values of the 6Cs.
  • Highlights that individual and service user outcomes are central to high quality care.
  • Show the ability to connect across the multiple disciplines which define services within the NHS.
  • Identification and reduction of unwarranted variation.
  • Strong, vibrant workforce who are dedicated to improving and maintaining high standards of care.
  • Care Makers are an innovative and creative resource to help improve care delivery to individuals.