Video case studies

Hear nursing, midwifery and care staff talk about their experiences of identifying unwarranted variation and taking a lead in making the changes necessary to deliver improved outcomes, better experience and better use of resources.

Improving outcomes in weight loss – Old Forge Surgery, Durham

Hear how practice nurses at the Old Forge Surgery identified unwarranted variation in their weight management consultations.

Through patient engagement, evening weight loss advice sessions were set up at times suitable for patients. They adapted the NHS Choices weight loss guide and structured the 12-week rolling programme to suit the needs of their patients.

Feedback received from patients has been very positive; attendance numbers are high and of those who regularly attend all sessions have lost weight.

Cuckoo Lane

Learn how nurses from Cuckoo Lane, a nurse-led GP practice, identified and addressed unwarranted variation in staff communication across the GP practice.

Complaints and concerns from patients often involve a poor system of communication and feedback from staff who worked part time found it hard to keep up with practice activity.

The practice nurse leadership introduced a system of a twice daily five minute huddles with all staff, where clinical and operational practice issues are presented.

The number of complaints reduced and feedback was positive from patients where comments include well organised, knowledgeable and timely information.

Telehealth – Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Nurses at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust recognised unwarranted variation in rising numbers of acute admissions and Emergency Department (ED) attendance from care homes, which on some occasions led to unnecessary distress and avoidable hospital stays.

Knowing that telemedicine had been used successfully in prison healthcare, they looked at how it could be applied to support care homes.

Care home residents are now able to access remote consultations, reducing their need to attend GP surgeries and also the need for GPs to visit care homes. Residents are triaged through the telemedicine system and where possible their issues are addressed by nurses working in the hub.

Hear from members of the team about how they have contributed to the telehealth project.

Care Maker adding value to mental health services – Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

A Care Maker describes how he was instrumental in leading change and adding value to mental health services at Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The Care Maker identified unwarranted variation in the oral hygiene support offered to individuals.  He recognised that a more holistic service to patients was needed which took care of their physical health, as well as their mental health.

Supported by the Foundation Trust, the Care Maker introduced a mobile dentistry unit, which has improved patient outcomes and experiences significantly and as a result, patients are receiving a holistic approach to their care.


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