Focus areas

The London Clinical Networks deliver a population healthcare approach to prevent ill health, improve the quality of care and create a more efficient and joined up health and care system that meets the needs of Londoners now and in future.

The Maternity Clinical Network is actively working to improve maternity services in line with the policy direction set out in Better Births and the Long Term Plan.  To enable and deliver Transformation, we work in partnership with the regional maternity team, where we have set the vision “In London every woman will have access to safe, high quality and personalised maternity care, enabled through strong relationships between women, their babies, their families and those who care for them”.

Our goals are to:

  • Improve maternal safety and reduce maternal death
  • Improve perinatal safety, reduce stillbirth, neonatal death and serious brain injury
  • Increase choice and personalisation and improve experience in Maternity care

The London Maternity Clinical Network aims to improve user experience across all maternity services. This four-minute film explores the pregnancy journey from the perspective of the woman and her family — their thoughts, feelings, concerns and joy.

The purpose is to promote understanding of the perspectives of others, challenge assumptions, harness empathy and compassion and improve professional practice.