Key contacts

  • Stroke Clinical Network Co-Clinical Directors:
    • Dr Rob Simister, Consultant Neurologist and Stroke Physician, Clinical Lead of the UCLH Comprehensive Stroke Service. University College London Hospital.
    • Dr Gill Cluckie, Stroke Nurse Consultant and Stroke Care Group Lead at St Georges University Foundation Trust.
  • Associate Director: Malti Varshney
  • Programme Lead: Helen Cutting
  • Senior Project Manager: Tarita Turtiainen
  • Project Manager: Jennifer Kamau
  • Project Manager: Gregory Heeger
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @NHSLdn_CN

Focus areas

Stroke Clinical Leadership Group

Learn more about the Stroke Clinical Leadership Group, and download CLG resources on theĀ Stroke CLG page.

Key documents

Download all documents and publications from the London Stroke Clinical Network via our publications page.