Approved particulars – community pharmacy: displaying notices regarding a temporary suspension

The below outlines the requirements to fulfil paragraph 29D(2)(e)(ii), Schedule 5 of the NHS (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013, as amended.

Approved particulars

While the provision of pharmaceutical services is temporarily suspended at a pharmacy premises (other than distance selling premises), a notice must be displayed in such a way that it is visible from outside the premises, which:

  • states that the provision of services is currently suspended, and
  • provides information as to how long the suspension will / is likely to last.

The notice must be printed using a plain font in minimum size 12 pt, with sufficient contrast between print and background colour, and include:

  1. Advice for what people should do if they need to collect a prescription from the pharmacy premises.
  2. Advice for what to do if they have medical issues that cannot wait until the pharmacy reopens.
  3. Confirmation of the location of pharmacy premises nearby that can provide pharmaceutical services during the temporary suspension.
  4. Advice that help can be sought from, calling 111 or the website.

 The effective date for these approved particulars is 31 July 2023.

Publication reference: PRN00640i