Professional nurse advocate: checklist for staff accessing a PNA restorative clinical supervison session

This professional nurse advocate (PNA) checklist forms part of the NHS England national PNA implementation guidance. It summaries the activities the member of staff participating in RCS needs to undertake pre, during and post their RCS session.

Pre restorative clinical supervision (RCS) session

  • Complete e-learning module on the A-EQUIP model.
  • Access a PNA in line with their role and responsibility, and discuss with their line manager the timeframe for RCS sessions and implementation of the A-EQUIP model.
  • Think about and identify issues for discussion.

During RCS session

  • Identify issues, particularly those relating to seniority, gender or culture, in themselves or their PNA that may impede communication.
  • Actively participate in RCS sessions, be open and share information, and be responsible for learning.
  • Accept appropriate responsibility for performance and be active in the pursuit of education and development.
  • Give and accept constructive feedback and participate in problem-solving.

Post RCS session

  • Reflect, think through and explore options for quality improvement.
  • Promote the best interests of patients.