Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s inclusive pharmacy practice delivery plan

Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s inclusive pharmacy practice (IPP) delivery plan to improve diversity in senior pharmacy professional leadership

September 2023, publishing ref: PRN00282

The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer (CPhO) team is taking action to address the issues highlighted in the Pharmacy Workforce Race Equality Standard publication.

Eight projects are being undertaken across the areas of data, accountability, leadership and talent management.


1. Pharmacy Workforce Race Equality Standard (PWRES) publication

Publication of the PWRES from NHS trust electronic staff record and NHS staff survey data, for the first time. Repeated bi-annually.

  • Delivery date: September 2023

2. Annual CPhO/NHS England Pharmacy Advisory Group (PAG) of pharmacy professional senior leaders, diversity data publication

To publish on FutureNHS the third annual set of data on ethnicity and gender in the PAG membership, CPhO clinical fellows and PAG member direct reports.

  • Delivery date: Autumn 2023

3. Development of the community pharmacy workforce survey (CPWS)

To include in the survey data fields relating to ethnicity within the CPWS to support further IPP work.

  • Delivery date: Autumn 2023


4. Inclusive recruitment best practice processes

For the CPhO Team and PAG members in senior national pharmacy professional roles to ensure that any recruitment to those roles follows the processes outlined in the inclusive recruitment best practice checklist, as well as NHS England’s policies.

  • Delivery date: March 2024


5. CPhO pharmacy leaders’ development programme (PLDP)

Ensure the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) CPhO PLDP contributes to improving inclusive leadership in pharmacy and diversity in senior pharmacy professional leadership roles.

6. CPhO Pharmacy Technician Professional Advisory Forum

To engage with pharmacy technicians in leadership positions to seek views and build engagement, with the aim of becoming more inclusive of pharmacy technician expertise and opinion.

  • Delivery date: June 2023

7. Updated Inclusive expression of interest (EOI) process for CPhO boards, committees and working groups

Building on the existing process to ensure that all pharmacy professional national and regional programme boards, working groups and committees created by PAG members recruit appropriate members via the established inclusive EOI process to improve diversity and representation in decision making and provide leadership experience to a wider audience.

  • Delivery date: March 2024

Talent management

8. Talent management resources for pharmacy professionals

Create a collation of opportunities, support and programmes available to pharmacy professionals from across NHS England and IPP partners, such as leadership development, fellowships, mentoring schemes and secondments.

Communicating and promoting opportunities to encourage aspiring leaders from all sectors and backgrounds to raise awareness and to encourage applications.