Professional nurse advocate: nursing/healthcare providers checklist

The professional nurse advocate (PNA) checklist forms part of the NHS England national PNA implementation guidance. It summaries the necessary activities to embed PNAs in an organisation.

  • Organisation’s chief nurse to identify a senior registered nurse lead for PNAs to oversee allocation, implementation and oversight of PNAs in practice.
  • Identify the number of PNAs the service needs to implement the A-EQUIP model (based on a 1:20 ratio).
  • Select and train nurses to fill the required number of PNA roles.
  • Ensure arrangements are in place for all nurses within every service to have access to a PNA.
  • Ensure that PNAs have allocated time to deploy their role and that nurses are released to meet their PNA as required
  • Establish supervision arrangements for PNAs.
  • Ensure there are robust governance and assurance measures in place to monitor the implementation and contribution of the PNA role.
  • Identify, collate, analyse and interpret quantitative and qualitative data to inform reports about the process for, and impact and outcome of, the PNA role.