Staff network charter template


Operating model

  • How will the network be organised and run?
  • How much time will be required to run the network?
  • Are any specific roles required?
  • What potential work groups or projects are required?


  • What resources are required – budget, protected time, meetings, office space?
  • How will the network influence policy and approaches?
  • How will the board and chief executive connect with the network and ensure it is supported to influence organisational decision making?
  • How will the network’s decisions be made?


  • Is membership open, closed, or a mixture of both?
  • How will the network recruit members?
  • How will membership data be tracked and collected?

How will we work together?

  • How often will the network meet?
  • Which collaboration tools are needed?
  • How will the network ensure all meetings and activities are accessible?
  • How will the network share information and ensure it is secure?
  • How does it link to other staff networks within your organisation and across the wider NHS?


  • What are the expected behaviours of network members?
  • What are network’s agreed ways of communicating?
  • How does the operational and behavioural code of conduct of the network and its members align with the NHS values of the NHS Constitution and/or your organisational values?

Key topics

  • What are the network’s focus areas and strategic topics?
  • How do these link to your organisational or national equality, diversity, and inclusion strategy, and data?

Measuring impact