NHS Assembly

The NHS Assembly brings together a range of individuals from across the health and care sectors at regular intervals to advise the joint boards of NHS England and NHS Improvement on delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP).

The Assembly membership brings broad stakeholder insight and frontline experience to discussions, serving as a “guiding coalition” on implementation of the improvements outlined in the plan.

The Assembly is not itself responsible for LTP implementation and nor does it cut across the current statutory accountabilities of NHS England and NHS Improvement.

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Aspirations for the assembly

Act as a voice for the system and wider partners in driving delivery of the Long Term Plan.

Tackle the difficult conversations, focusing on how to make the stated ambitions in the LTP.

Be a sounding board for informing policy at an early stage of development.

Help identify where there are blockages to implementing innovations.

Model compassionate and positive leadership with members acting as ambassadors for the plan.

Focus on people not organisations always keep the needs of patients and service users at the heart of its deliberations.

Draw on wider perspectives and evidence to help support the above.