Diabetes with vascular diseases

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes costs the NHS approximately £8.8bn a year, with 90% of adults with Diabetes in England suffering from type 2 Diabetes, which is preventable. Much has been achieved over the last decade in the prevention and treatment of Diabetes, however, there is still more to be done not only to improve prevention but also to improve the treatment and quality of life for those living with disease. The East Midlands Diabetes with Vascular Diseases Clinical Network brings together a wide range of stakeholders to work across geographical and organisational boundaries to support equity of access to high quality, evidenced based care.


Our network’s aim is to reduce preventable onset of type 2 Diabetes through supporting STPs in the delivery of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme and to support STPs in the delivery of their Diabetes treatment and care projects. Additionally, we will be working with system partners to support the delivery of improvements in atrial fibrillation, stroke, vascular and cardiac across the East Midlands.

Work programmes

Our current work programmes are:

You can see how we have improved patient outcomes on our achievements page.

Our team

  • Melanie Davies – Clinical Lead
  • Yassir Javaid – Clinical Lead
  • Rob Sayers – Clinical Lead
  • Melanie Blake – Clinical Lead
  • Martin Cassidy – Head of Network
  • Vishal Gorecha – Diabetes Assurance Manager
  • Julie Wright – Network Administrator and Project Officer