Patient, public and staff experience and participation

NHS England is committed to ensuring that public, patient and carer voices are at the centre of our healthcare services, from planning to delivery.

Aligned to national, regional and direct commissioning operations local priorities, our regional ‘Experience for All’ programme of work ensures that every level of our commissioning system is informed by listening to those who use and care about our services.

Current regional projects:

  • Participation in commissioning
  • NHS England (S13Q) : assurance and improving participation in commissioning
  • Clinical commissioning groups (S14Z2) and delegated commissioning: Assuring and improving public participation
  • Commitment to carers
  • Complaints: Operational improvement and learning from complaints
  • National awareness days and weeks ( participation and experience related) : Engaging and involving partners
  • Participation , Experience and Equalities : Building capacity and capability within Sustainable and Transformational Partnerships (STPs)
  • Research and Innovation: Storytelling research project
  • Learning from Insight: Joint working with NHS Improvement (Friends and Family Test)
  • STPs: Building healthy partnerships with the voluntary and community sector to deliver transformational change.