Pharmacy contraception service

NHS community pharmacies are becoming an accessible and convenient place for people to receive advice and support for contraception management.

Pharmacies can now initiate oral contraception and offer the ongoing supply

From Winter 2023 the pharmacy contraception service expanded and now gives people the option of attending their local pharmacy for repeat supply of oral contraception and to be initiated onto oral contraception without the need to visit a GP or Sexual Health Clinic.

How can I access the service?

There are several ways to access the service. You can:

  • Self-refer to a community pharmacy
  • Be identified as clinically suitable by the community pharmacist and accept the offer of the service
  • Be referred by your GP as they have requested a repeat prescription and a review is needed
  • Be referred from a sexual health clinic (or equivalent)
  • Be referred from other NHS service providers, eg urgent treatment centres or NHS 111.

People who wish to consult another healthcare provider for contraception support are still free to do so.

What happens next?

The pharmacist will offer you a confidential consultation.  As part of this you will reach a shared decision regarding your oral contraception requirements.

Where can I access the services?

Find a pharmacy that offers the contraceptive pill without a prescription – NHS (

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