The vanguard and the people it serves

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is seeking to understand whether the longer term sustainability of single speciality services in smaller hospitals can be strengthened by entering into a network partnership, and the benefits that might bring.

To do this the trust is learning from its own experience of delivering a single speciality service across multiple sites, from other organisations using a networked model of care to deliver services and from the smaller hospitals which may face sustainability challenges.

This vanguard, led by Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has a national and international reach through its collaboration with other NHS providers, non-NHS healthcare providers and networks from other sectors.

What is changing?

The trust is keen to learn what makes the biggest difference for patients, staff and partner organisations in getting things right first time when establishing a service in a new setting and to identify the best way to build and sustain a care model that will allow a provider to successfully offer specialist care across a number of locations as a network solution.

They have used  this learning to produce a ‘toolkit’ with evidenced- based learning which other trusts can use to evaluate whether a networked model of care is the right strategic fit for future sustainability.

The toolkit has practical advice and guidance to enable other organisations to establish their own network in the way best suited to local circumstances.

Moorfields already runs NHS services in 32 locations in and around London in a variety of healthcare settings but these were developed separately in response to individual needs, aiming to move care closer to home or support sustainability of ophthalmology (eye care) in local hospitals. The aim now is to help develop future networks in a planned way and quickly, sharing good practice across the wider NHS and understanding the opportunities and risks of this way of working.

Key benefits

  • Learning will be shared across a range of specialties, not just eye care
  • By evidencing the benefit of networking care, more patients will be treated for more of their care closer to home.

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