Stockport Together

The vanguard and the people it serves

Stockport Together is developing plans for its local hospital, GPs, community, social and mental health services to come together to form one new organisation to provide improved health and social care for local people.

The organisations linking up to form ‘Stockport Together’ include:

  • Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (for hospital and community services)
  • NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust (for mental health services)
  • Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Viaduct Health (the GP federation which represents Stockport’s 45 practices
  • and third sector voluntary organisations

Stockport Together will serve a GP registered population of more than 305,000.

What is changing?

The ‘Stockport Together’ partners will work alongside other local services such as pharmacists, opticians and others in the community to revolutionise the way people receive health and care. More care will be provided in local neighbourhoods, led by GPs and delivered closer to people’s homes.

By focusing on delivering support in the community, more services will be offered out of hospital to help patients’ access self-care support to help them improve their own health and wellbeing, with the aim of preventing ill health.

Initially, Stockport Together will deliver care to people aged over 65 to provide support through education about their health conditions, enabling them to better manage their own care.

Where people with complex conditions have a sudden problem with their health, a crisis response will be offered by the health and social care team in their neighbourhood to help them stay safely at home and avoid a trip to hospital.

Patient records will be shared electronically so that GPs, community nurses and social workers can see and share the information needed when they are caring for individual patients.

The funding received as part of the new care models programme is allowing the vanguard to continue running its existing services at the same time as looking at and testing new initiatives to improve the efficiency of services and offer a better patient experience of care.

Key benefits

  • Improved quality of life for people with complex and long term health conditions
  • More care closer to people’s homes
  • Improved and more proactive care in nursing homes and those with dementia.

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