NHS, health and care organisations

We are particularly keen to encourage and support local, regional and national celebrations with NHS trusts, GPs, dentists, opticians, clinical commissioning groups, local authorities, sustainability and transformation partnerships and others being asked to organise:

Open days

Open days are a great way to invite your local community to see first-hand the amazing work of your teams and partners. This year in particular they are a chance to reflect on the history of your organisation over the past 70 years and also look to the future.

It’s also a great way to engage with local partners, for instance other NHS organisations, unions, charities, faith groups, local government and patient groups. Open days are different across the NHS but many organisations combine them with recruitment events or their annual general meeting. We will be releasing a ‘how to’ guide for open days in January with additional support and ideas, as well as information about how you can promote your open day on the national NHS 70th birthday website.

TIP: Please don’t wait for the ‘how to’ guide before agreeing a date for your open day or setting up a ‘steering group’ to start the planning.

Exhibitions on local high streets

Why not get your local community involved with your birthday celebrations? Exhibitions in your local community are an opportunity for you to showcase interesting exhibits from your archives or share plans for the future. Your staff, patients, users and partners can also give talks or presentations.

Why not have a chat with local organisations, for instance libraries, community centres or shopping centres, to see if they could host this for you – and they might even know people who used to work in the NHS locally that could contribute? Again, there will be a ‘how to’ guide coming shortly, including information about how you can promote your exhibitions on the national NHS 70th birthday website.

TIP: Please don’t wait for the ‘how-to’ guide before contacting local councils, libraries, museums and other public spaces to secure exhibition space. You should also contact the person who looks after your organisation’s archive.

Staff awards themed around the birthday

Do you hold an annual staff awards ceremony? Why not theme this year’s event around the NHS’s 70th birthday? You could theme the award categories around the birthday, use the milestone to inspire your decorations, or even launch your first ever staff awards. We will be releasing a ‘how to’ guide for staff awards in January which will include additional support and ideas, including advice on getting sponsorship.

TIP: Please don’t wait for the ‘how to’ guide before agreeing a date or venue for your staff awards. You could also contact potential sponsors.

NHS Big7Tea

We are encouraging all NHS organisations and local communities to hold a NHS Big 7Tea to celebrate this milestone birthday. The idea is simple: get staff, retired staff, volunteers, patients, users, carers, local community groups or even your family round for a cuppa and share your NHS stories. We are currently developing a toolkit and brand pack, which will be available from March 2018.

Competitions for local children and young people to get involved

Children and young people are the future users and workforce of tomorrow’s NHS.  So why not get them involved and inspired by running competitions in honour of the 70th birthday?  A series of competitions, including colouring and creative writing, will be published in January.  We will also be asking children and young people to create videos about their local NHS.  The competitions are intended to be run at a local or regional level.

In addition, health and care organisations are asked to:

  • Engage with staff, patients, users and others about what they’d like to do to celebrate the birthday – you could do this via social media (using the hashtag: #NHS70).

TIP: Don’t delay doing this. And share the best ideas via social media (using the hashtag: #NHS70).

  • Ask staff, patients and users if they have stories or memories of working or being cared for in your organisation or locally. You can use these as part of your events or to share online or via social media (using the hashtag: #NHS70).

TIP: Please show your support for both projects via social media (using the hashtag: #NHS70).

  • Share old archive images, staff photos, newspaper cuttings, films and more online or via social media (using the hashtag: #NHS70).

TIP: Start doing this now – help to build up excitement about the birthday.

  • As appropriate, update your logo from 1 January 2018 – for instance on your website, staff intranet and via social media, as well as on materials you are printing to come out during 2018.  These changes should be easy to make and should not involve additional costs. Moreover, they are not compulsory.

You can of course organise different events and initiatives.  It would be helpful if you could please let your regional NHS England team have more information. You may also want to add them to the national NHS 70th birthday website.

Local and regional organisations are encouraged to consider running events together to avoid duplication and share resources. Your regional NHS England will be able to let you know about the plans of other organisations.