BBC New Thinking podcast for NHS75

The latest cutting-edge research about the NHS and healthcare is being shared via a mini-series on the BBC New Thinking podcast.

This New Thinking conversation is part of a series marking NHS75, made in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council, part of UKRI.

One of the episodes features Professor Stephanie Snow, who has been working on an oral history project run by the University of Manchester, which saw 2,400 interviews with over 1,200 people on their lived experience of the NHS.

She discusses the way these help us understand how caring for children has changed in the NHS, what it felt like to get health care and not have to pay for it, and other stories.

Another of the podcast episodes looks at how a new material helps stroke patients recover, while another explores social prescribing projects to improve people’s health and tackle loneliness.

These full podcast episodes include:

To find out more and to listen, visit BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking, New Research.