TeenTech Innovation Challenge for NHS 75

NHS England and TeenTech are working together to celebrate the NHS’s 75th anniversary with events across the country throughout the year.

TeenTech Festivals are highly interactive and designed to inspire young people and their teachers about the contemporary industries shaping their future, and to increase their awareness of the wide range of digital, engineering and science careers in the NHS.

During 2023, events will run in each of the seven NHS regions, culminating in a showcase day in December 2023, where young people will share their ideas for how the NHS might look in the future. The NHS will showcase some of the innovative approaches to healthcare already making a difference to patient outcomes and experiences.

Building on these events, in 2024 and 2025, TeenTech will run an extended series of events on NHS, University and College sites to increase the reach of the project.

Find out more by visiting teentech.com/nhs/