North Central London Partners in health and care

A family pushing a pramRegion: London
1.6 million

Find out more about North London in health and care including details of its population size, constituent organisations and priorities.




  • Helping people stay healthy and well
  • Involving local people as partners in health and care
  • Building health and care services near to where people live
  • Services people can rely on in an emergency
  • Planning and delivering the care people need, when they need it, and in the right setting
  • Supporting people to stay mentally well and to recover from mental ill health and thrive
  • Helping people and families survive the impact of cancer
  • Giving mothers-to-be more choice and better support
  • Giving children and young people the best start in life
  • Creating a caring and compassionate health and care workforce
  • Making the best use of buildings owned by partners and making sure they are fit for purpose
  • Harnessing the power of technology
  • Balancing the books
  • Supporting a system-wide response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Constituent organisations

The following organisations are part of North London Partners in health and care. For individual contact details for these organisations please follow the links below.

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ICS lead (Joint ICS Senior Responsible Officer): Rob Hurd
NCL CCG Accountable Officer (Joint ICS SRO): Frances O’Callaghan
NCL CCG Chair and primary care lead: Dr Jo Sauvage
Director of Strategy: Will Huxter
Independent Chair: Mike Cooke