Palliative and End of Life Care Quality Outcomes Framework (QoF)

Guidance has been developed by Dr Liam Hosie, Primary Care Palliative and End of Life Care Lead.  The guidance provides a suite of options to choose from when implementing quality improvement work. Read the guidance
Alongside this, national funding was secured to work with the other North West strategic clinical networks to develop a masterclass on identification.  Four videos are now available as part of that masterclass.



EPaCCS benefits summary

Information about the new electronic information system which allows palliative and end of life care staff in Greater Manchester to share details about patients, including their wishes.


Overview of adult palliative and end of life care services

A guide to clearly describe the services across the network and their role in providing palliative and end of life care.


Commitments document

What an individual with palliative and end of care needs should expect across Greater Manchester.


The North West End of Life Care Model – updated

Updated North West Model for Life Limiting Conditions


GM Educational COViD-19 resource

A collection of resources to aid education and training in all settings. They can inform the production of education materials, but also include existing education resources that the organisations have agreed can be used/adapted, with professional acknowledgement of the original author.

End of Life Person-centred Care Report

Guidelines for clinicians

The North West End of Life Care Model