Children and young people’s diabetes transition specification

The diabetes transition service specification sets out a best practice model and considerations to be made by commissioners in stipulating and providing services for young people with diabetes through transition and as young adults.

The document is intended to support commissioners in improving outcomes through the development of effective, engaging and developmentally appropriate services for young people and has been developed to support improvements to existing CYP and adult diabetes services.

It is presented in two sections: the guidance on using this service specification (part one); and the specification template (part two), which can be put into the NHS Standard Contract.

Young people with diabetes may experience multiple healthcare transitions simultaneously.  An integrated and person centered approach to care planning is set out in the specification, that places emphasis on valuing the assets and expertise of the individual in managing their condition and, supports them to take an active role in planning health services appropriate to their own needs. The document also highlights the need for an integrated approach to delivering care, with diabetes transition services being delivered in conjunction with psychological, social and broader clinical input.