BCF fast-track areas

Five fast-track areas submitted their BCF plans on 29 August and have been through the assurance process. Part one and part two BCF plans for the fast-track areas can be found below:

  1. Greenwich part one, Greenwich part two
  2. Reading part one – and annex 1 and annex 2, Reading part two
  3. Nottinghamshire part one, Nottinghamshire part two
  4. Wiltshire part one, Wiltshire part two
  5. Sunderland part one, Sunderland part two

As part of this work, some case studies were developed to share with the wider system to help disseminate the learning.

  1. Greenwich
  2. Nottinghamshire
  3. Wiltshire
  4. Case study for ‘Any HWBB’
  5. Sunderland