Plans for improving palliative care data

NHS England and Public Health England are working together to explore the feasibility, options and costs of collecting individual level palliative care data nationally. In this way we can better support clinicians, service providers and commissioners in improving quality of care and better outcomes for individuals and their families.

The purposes of the data collection will also be to:

  • improve care for individual patients and their families through reporting of patient centred outcomes;
  • inform patient choice and better support their preferences;
  • enable providers to streamline team working and better implement local, regional and national audit and quality improvement initiatives;
  • provide a more complete picture of palliative and end of life care provision nationally;
  • enable comparisons across services and benchmarking (with appropriate case-mix adjustment);
  • facilitate more effective commissioning of palliative care services and support new funding models ;
  • demonstrate effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of care; and
  • underpin and inform future research.

More details about the proposed plans can be found on GOV.UK website.