Learning and development

So you’ve decided you want to get involved in the work of the NHS and have signed up to get involved, but what next?

The NHS can be a complex system to get your head around and you might need some support to bring you up to speed on its work and the role patients and the public play in it. This section provides you with sources of training to support you in your new role. It also includes training for people working in the NHS who want to improve how they involve patients and public in their work.

Details of the learning courses can be found to the left of the page. All of the training highlighted in this section is free to access. Some of the training is provided by NHS England, or our partners, and some training is provided by other organisations. There are a range of online options but we also offer face-to-face training throughout the year.

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Learning and development: Learning for Patient and Public Voice (PPV) partners and staff working with partners