Adrian’s story

Adrian is a 57-year old traveller. He is recovering from cancer and has early stage dementia, emphysema and arthritis.

Ade has a personal health budget which is managed as a third party budget, giving him 12 hours a week of Personal Assistant (PA) support, provided by PAs who are also from the travelling community.

Mitchell’s story

Mitchell had very complex health needs that meant he was totally dependent on others. Mitchell was one of the first people in England to have a personal health budget, and continued to do so until he died in March 2015, aged 22.  Mitchell was able to live a full and rich life at home, as his family were able to employ a team of personal assistants to care for him.

Chelsey’s story

Chelsey, from Kent, uses her personal health budget to give her flexibility and choice around the various things she finds helps manage her depression, including counselling. It is really important to Chelsey that she feels comfortable with her counsellor. The personal health budget gives her the opportunity to choose who she sees, and how long she had to wait. She also uses her budget to go to a local gym with a range of exercise classes, which really helps her mental and physical wellbeing.

Debbie and Brian’s story from the personal health budgets pilot

Debbie, from Doncaster, used a personal health budget to organise flexible nursing care at her home after her father, Brian, became immobile and needed 24/7 care after a series of strokes.

Martin’s story

Martin is a woodworking machinist from Hartlepool. He has motor neurone disease and uses his personal health budget for a modified bicycle and a gym membership at the local rowing club so he can exercise, and a weekly visit to the barber which helps him maintain his independence.

David’s story

David, from Nottingham, receives a personal health budget as a direct payment for health care. He has T5 paraplegia from the chest down, and needs dressings on his legs changed daily. David explains how, with his budget, he was able to arrange training for his personal assistants to do this. Their flexible schedule means he can go to work when he needs to instead of waiting for the district nurse, who now comes for a weekly check.

Tory’s story

Tory managed a personal health budget to care for her young daughter Lina, who suffered from cerebral palsy and required round the clock care until she passed away in 2014.

Sally & Ella’s story

Sally uses a personal health budget to manage the care of her daughter, Ella, who has a degenerative life limiting condition and is eligible for continuing care.

Anita & Trevor’s story

Anita from Hull, had the degenerative condition Huntington’s Chorea. She had a personal health budget before she passed away in 2016,  which reduced her need to go to hospital and improved the quality of life for her and husband Trevor.

Stories from health professionals

Health colleagues including GPs, community nurses and care coordinators describe how personal health budgets have improved their patient’s lives.