Delivering personalised care 2018/19

Significant progress has already been made in delivering the Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care, with over 28,000 personal health budgets (PHB) in place and over 180,000 people benefitting from a personalised care approach by the end of 2017/18. Nearly 69,000 people have also benefitted from a social prescribing referral in the past year (2017/18).

Personalised Care continues to expand across England with over 290,000 people now set to benefit by April 2019 through 21 personalised care demonstrator sites across the country, including 66 CCGs and 11 Integrated Care Systems (ICS)/Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STPs). Each site will implement personalised care at scale on a local level, which builds on the successful pilots undertaken over the last three years pilots through the successful Integrated Personal Commissioning and the New Models of Care pilot programmes.

Details of these personalised care sites include:

  • Covers 66 CCGs – including 11 ICS and STPs – reaching over 290,000 people;
  • 11 sites will implement personalised care at scale (using the six elements of the Comprehensive Personalised Care Model) across the ICS or STP footprint and embed the programme locally.
  • A further ten sites will implement elements of the personalised care model at scale across their footprint.
  • In addition, the Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Gloucestershire sites will be testing a broader integrated approach and will focus on all people receiving a ‘needs assessment’ under the Care Act 2014 in their areas. These sites will provide a multi-disciplinary, holistic ‘care needs assessment’ for each of these people which will result in a single, integrated ‘personalised care and support plan’, with a strong focus on prevention.

Please see the full list of personalised care demonstrator sites.

In addition to the demonstrator programme, we also have a number of other programmes in place that focus on other aspects to deliver personalised care. These include developing mentorship around the various components of the personalised care model, where local areas with expertise are available to mentor other CCGs and their partners. There are already a number of Personal Health Budget mentors and Patient Activation Measure mentors working across the country.

We also offer further national support through our online learning networks, regional leads, as well as various online tools and framework documents.

Personalised Care Demonstrator Sites 2018/19

Level 1

Implementing the comprehensive model across a large area (via a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) or Integrated Care System (ICS))


  • Lancashire and South Cumbria CCG
  • Greater Manchester CCG
  • West Yorkshire and Harrogate CCG

Midlands and East

  • Nottinghamshire (ICS) (Integration accelerator) CCG
  • Black Country CCG
  • Hertfordshire and West Essex CCG
  • Milton Keynes, Beds and Luton (ICS) CCG

South East

  • Hampshire and Isle Of Wight CCG

South West

  • Dorset (ICS) CCG
  • Gloucestershire (Integration accelerator) CCG
  • Devon CCG

Level 2

Implementing some aspects of personalised care, in at least one CCG


  • Northumberland CCG
  • Sunderland CCG
  • Hartlepool and Stockton-upon-Tees CCG
  • The Wirral CCG
  • West Cheshire CCG
  • Sheffield CCG

Midlands and East

  • Lincolnshire (Integration accelerator)
  • Birmingham and Solihull


  • Islington
  • Tower Hamlets